Meet LZR Marketing

LZR Marketing was founded by two women who knew that marketing could be done bigger and better than what they had experienced: Liz Ponce and Ryelee Denton. With over 8 years in Digital Marketing & Social Media, 12 years in Graphic Design & Website Development, and 2 years of sales experience, the pair knew they could help businesses the right way with laser focus, proper assessments of business needs and straightforward reporting.

Their past places of employment showed them the churn and burn of accounts, with little to no concern for actually understanding growing the business. The duo is here to change that with full transparency, bi-weekly meetings, and getting business owners involved in watching their business go from drab to fab!

Liz Ponce

Raised in the tough streets of Chicago, Liz knows how to defend herself and her clients from misleading situations, especially those involving marketing agencies. Her creativity transfers from her gym workouts into her work; creating stunning websites, logos, banners, and so much more. Her dedication to transparency reflects in every conversation she holds. Liz is constantly up for a challenge, pushing to better herself at every moment. Fun fact: she has run over 50 obstacle course races! If that isn’t dedication, we aren’t sure what is. Want to meet for an in-person meeting? Make sure there are tacos available.

Ryelee Denton

Arizona native, Ryelee, has an attention to detail that people only dream of, and passion that presents itself boldly in all she does. Ryelee’s understanding of small and medium sized businesses gives her an edge over brand-name marketing agencies and allows her to truly understand the needs of the business owners, taking them to new heights. Her curiosity shows both in meetings with clients and learning new hobbies.  It’s not uncommon for her to drink multiple cups of coffee a day. Her knowledge base is all things AdWords & Social Media, however, ⅓ of her brain is filled with Harry Potter facts.